Middle Wales


Heart as big as a city


Burjesta … Everybody was Vampire Dancing

Images from the evenings rehearsal of The Reign of Vampires. Full report on the website www.therightprofile.org




It’s a puppet


Stanley Docks Liverpool

Snapper snapping the snapper


Mynnyd Mawr

A very pleasant walk over Mynnyd Mawr today, some moody weather happening around us but we were very lucky to escape the worst. All in all a great day out in Welsh Wales.

Yr aranNanntle Ridge marknantle viewBeddgelert valley marksummitScreen Shot 2014-03-23 at 17.58.01

Space the Band

A great night at the Liverpool O2, having seen Space virtually every time they have played Liverpool over the years it was great to be part of their anniversary tour. The band has changed over the seasons but have never lost their stage presence.  The tour is being support by Republica and it has to be said they were outstanding. Images are ropey from my phone but a worthy memory to put into my little blog.

tommy2 tommy1 republica1

Prague skyline



Burjesta Project: Speeches

This weekend the team were going through their paces working around a scene that involved some very intense passages of the play. The team are well ahead since I was last able to visit and I have to say the scene was flowing. The scenes were gripping and I hung on to every word. The day was punctuated with a lot of humour which made the day all the more enjoyable for me just looking in.  My task for the hour or so that I was at the theatre, was to try and capture a few portrait shots for the arts team to put the promotional material together. Their is a lot of material to work with and hopefully although they aren’t really edited they can give the team a feel of how the directors idea may come together and maybe a few of these can be used,  their are still a couple of  images to take of the rest of the team but it’s starting to come together I think.




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