9 thoughts on “Photo,s of the day

    • They were indeed Andy 🙂 taken from Llanddwyn, I came across the area through another blog I follow, I just didnt do his photos justice they were head and shoulders above mine. But glad I went what a stunning place.

      • Just checked it out on the map, looks like a fab little spot. Never really explored Anglesey (other than a school field trip to Newborough Warren), always headed for the mountains. I need to correct that and definitely pay this spot a visit

  1. Something about a dog at the beach that just makes me smile and adore any photo. 🙂 Love the light play in the first image too, and the water crashing on the rocks in the third. Really nice images here. 🙂

  2. All of your photos are evocative, but I especially love your seascapes. The light and tone in the first of this series is great – like silver nitrate film used in very old movies (I’m a vintage film buff, so that’s meant as a compliment 🙂 ). I enjoyed all the photos in your blog!

    • Hello Hannah, it is on Anglesey a great place to visit.. one of the nicest we have been too the be honest. Good luck with your film 🙂

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