Bad Camera Day…. Carneddau Wales


9 thoughts on “Bad Camera Day…. Carneddau Wales

  1. The only BAD day is when you cannot get out…..but even so I know what you mean when it is one of those days, still good (although cold) to be in the hills but feeling at times frustrated that a camera doesn’t capture all the feelings of wind, snow, cold and light that isn’t in the mood for offering change. But you still have the memories!

    • Thanks all, i think what I mean is that when you look around at some of the offerings around blog world the pictures are stunning and when you put the effort in getting out and the camera isn’t your friend for the day then it gets a tad frustrating 😉

  2. Sometimes the weather can be so bad… and sometimes we can be not able to go out (as me, in these days with my broken bone in my foot) but in any case, there is a world waiting for us, with our camera… So, I don’t think negative… Shouldn’t be a bad camera day 🙂 These are so nice… beautifully captured. And so nice to watch snow and snowy hills and misty days… in a photograph of course. I can’t imagine myself in there, even I had an accidental event at home with my foot! Anyway, Thank you for visiting my blog and also Thank you for all these beautiful photographs. I loved to watch them… With my love, nia

    • Thank you for your very kind comments they are really appreciated hope your foot is feeling better soon 🙂 looking forward to your next set of photo’s

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