Mow Cop


7 thoughts on “Mow Cop

  1. Been up Mow Cop a few times…..and it always seems to be a wet day, even in mid summer. Funny how you start to link some places with the weather, there has to be nice days there but as yet not caught one! Shame as the views over Cheshire and back to Derbyshire must be great.

    • I know, something they used to do a lot in this country all those years ago, the guy who built this one built it as his summer house…I think he was just showing off myself .. 😉

  2. We can see Mow Cop from the rear of our house and, many moons ago in my days as a postman (in Sandbach) I managed to get Smallwood rural delivery (no bike- delivery was by van). On that round, I delivered to a lady who told me that she remembered having picnics up on Mow with her…….I’m a bit unsure exactly who but, it was her Mother/Father, Uncle/Aunty or, Grand Parents. In a nutshell, her family built the folly and, once owned Mow Cop.

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