15 thoughts on “Berwyns Circles

  1. I meant to add…that if you click back to December 3rd you will see the Derbyshire ‘Stonehenge’ A bit smaller than both the Berwyns and the real thing. None the less still very imporatnt for local druid celebrations at the key solstice times of the year. Small but well used.

    • Hiya, David I had a look at your photo one place we,ll be visiting soon. We,ve been to Arbor Low a couple of times, very eerie place.

  2. There is so much around us that we just dont know about, since I started this blogging malarky I,ve started hunting them out 😉

  3. Cool shots of what appears to this Texas boy as quite a foreign landscape. Love the stone ruins, will have to do a little bit of research about what they were used for – or at least what the best guess is. 😉

    thanks for sharing.

  4. Lovely shots – I’ve been planning a trip to the Berwyns for a while but I’ve been thwarted by the weather. I’ll have to fashion a route that takes in the stone circle

    • Hiya Andy, set off from llandrillo and you will have a great day out parking is easy and plentiful 🙂 Berwyns are hugely neglected but well worth the effort.

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