Moreton Corbet Castle



37 thoughts on “Moreton Corbet Castle

  1. You capture on your camera what most people see what their eye but can not do what you do with a camera. These are great shots. I have a good friend who would enjoy seeing photos of where her people came from. I will try to see if whe can also see them in some format. Thank you for sharing Wales with us.

  2. ha ha – you got me going here – I used to live across the road at RAF Shawbury and I thought you had pinched some of my pics (bad humour I know). Great set I used to love this place and would often run past it from camp as well. Got some lovely shots of the pigs in the field next door – looks like a wonderful Shropshire Day

  3. i see a trip focused around shrewsbury coming on. After seeing your photos I was trying to fit visiting here with wales but I know it won’t work (too much to see in Wales) and D won’t appreciate being dragged to a ruin unless either the weather is good or else this is just a stop off on the way to somewhere else. So, I think next year Ludlow and the Midlands would be a good week away. Any recommendations?

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