The things you see in the countryside

Bumped into this very interesting chap one day who was giving his new restoration project its first outing..



19 thoughts on “The things you see in the countryside

  1. Oh, I really love these photos. “Art” takes all kinds of forms including this gentleman’s restoration project. Antique tools are another form of artwork too. :^)

    • Boys n Toys, when i cant get around as good as I,d like its going to be one of my projects without a doubt. Dont know what it would be like for parking in sainsburys car park though

    • Hiya David, he was very happy telling me his story of finding it by the coast and retrieving it… great man he was very interesting 🙂

      • Yes you have to talk to folk. I have a nephew who became and actor and now a stage manager. When he was much much younger and we were out walking he asked me why I stopped and talked to some many ‘strangers’. I knew he had aspiration to become an actor and suggested to him that if he wanted to be able to understand charecters (and people) you had to get them to talk to you and to tell you about themselves and life and work. He reminded me of that conversation just recently saying that it was the simoplest but best lesson he learn’t. You and I have the chance to capture those as images as well.

      • Couldn’t agree more, i think when your out n about country wise or heritage people will talk.. but anywhere else I don’t know why but i just doesn’t seem to happen it is a strange phenomenon not that it doesnt happen but it is less strained 🙂

  2. Maenamor, thanks so much for following my blog and best wishes on your quest for the perfect photo. I really like the second one here. The trail is visually very strong and the man and his tractor disappearing into the background is very appealing. Good job!

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