St Mary Magdalene Battlefield…..the redundant church


30 thoughts on “St Mary Magdalene Battlefield…..the redundant church

    • HIya Rosina, thanks for following my blog and commenting the church is set in the stunning countryside of Shropshire England. Sadly no longer used and is now an attraction.

    • The work they must of put into every aspect of building these places without the aid of modern techniques. From getting the materials to site shaping and installing the work and toil does not bare thinking about.. remarkable feats of engineering that we take for granted.. when we are out and about I often ask just how did they build that …

  1. From the stained glass, to the wood carvings, to the statues, and to that door that is the most beautiful door I have ever seen in my life …. thanks for taking these photos and sharing them on your blog. The mix of rustic and elegant is magnificent.

      • I thought that was just a fact of life when it came to sojourning in Britain–I doubt it’s personal. πŸ™‚ Here in Scotland, the weather seems to take a perverse delight in doing the opposite of what you expect it too.

    • Couldnt agree more, Ive worked on a fair few building projects in my last job, some were great but more often than not it was all about the bottom line.

      • Bottom line…but also there does seem to be a lack of creating buildings to last as both time and cultural landmarks. At the moment you can still visit towns, village and cities and follow our history through the buildings marking the centuries. But late 20th and current 21st century will be marked in the future by there absence.

  2. It’s beautiful–and thankfully, a sacred space can never quite become fully redundant, whether it’s used for its original purpose or not: I think buildings retain something of what they have held, have been, and we who come later can tap into that just a little bit if we try hard and look and listen for it . . .

    • Hiya, Kathryn, you can certainly sense the history of the place as soon as you walk through the gates. It is good to see the grounds looks so good even coming out of the winter. Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚

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