Hello wonderful world of bloggers, I have changed the name of my blog and did not realise that it would send the earth spinning on a different axis. My old blog address is no more and I have a more grown up title now 🙂 maenamor is dead long live …



If anyone fancies re following my new blog that would be ACE .. and anyone who kindly put me on their blog roll and would like to change it too that would be ACER. Sorry to be  a  pain but saves annoying everyone individually as I have been doing .. and I,m lazy ;-).

Most of all though hope everyone has a fantastic weekend 🙂 and cant wait to see everyone’s resulting photo’s


That is the most I have ever written you can see why i just take photo’s 🙂 be warned though this will be re-blogged until you ALL swap over be warned 🙂


32 thoughts on “WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT !!

    • yeah… sort of…some have and some havent and comments are being moderated again…. and basically I dont know what I,m doing 🙂

    • It,s a great photo isn’t it. I have never seen a graveyard like it, a very wealthy resting ground … photo courtesy of a new camera no less 😉

    • hiya David, thanks..I,m going to tinker with it later 🙂 It looked a bit jingoistic and not what I,d hoped for at the time.

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