The sky’s gone out …..


42 thoughts on “The sky’s gone out …..

      • Definitely going to sort it.

        Was supposed to be in Wales over the Easter weekend; had a 3 day bikepacking trip arranged, but I’ve strained my right quad, so have had to cancel!

        Got another one sorted for May, so not all doom and gloom 🙂

        I’m depending on you now to keep me entertained with our photos lol.

      • nooo dont say that I,m no good under pressure 🙂 sorry to hear you,ve got a strain nothing worse and not worth the risk of something more serious :- (. exercise is meant to be good for you isn’t it 😉

    • Thank you.. i,d love to say I thought of it but it is one of my favourite song titles from back in the 80’s my secret is out 🙂

    • Hiya, our ” local ” dog walk Foel Fenli and the Clwydian range some lovely scenery and gentle walks. Part of the offas Dyke. It,s a nice place 🙂

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