The Dream…Sutton Manor colliery


24 thoughts on “The Dream…Sutton Manor colliery

    • you hit the nail on David, It,s obviously on the site of the colliery and the surrounding area is very industrial. But plopped in the middle like a little oasis is the dream.

  1. I love this because it allows my imagination to fill in the rest. Pieces like this only work owing to their sheer size. Were it as big as a teacup, we’d not give it a second glance (possibly). But being out there commanding all of nature, one is forced to reckon with it, figure it out, come to terms, partly because our egos are such that we feel challenged by something that diminishes us in comparison. I think it’s magnificently bizzare. Thank you for posting so many angles and views.

  2. That’s an amazing piece of sculpture! Very different from the usual remnant of winding machinery that you tend to find at the old mines. For some reason it reminds me more of the WW1 battlefield monuments in France.

    • Thanks for your comment, thinking about the dream , you’re right it would be a great place for the dream 🙂

  3. I remember Geoff trying to point this out to me last time we went across to Liverpool (daughter’s doing her PGCE there), but we couldn’t see it as it was snowing so heavily visibility was right down. He said it looked good though and he was obviously right!

    • It,s a shame you missed it…it towers above the tree line but don’t think it would be at it,s best in a snow storm :-).

    • Hello Hannah, I dont know to be honest, the perspective looking straight up from underneath really distorts it.. takes on a whole new aspect

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