Let out to play again… :-)

We went over to Liverpool today for a quick saunter around the Waterfront, treating my “Artistic Director” to a well deserved  lunch .

Above the famous Liver Bird

My “Artistic Director” rushing to the Maritime museum for our lunch before I change my mind 🙂

Looking back to the Open Eye Gallery were their is a great exhibition on at the moment featuring Richard Mosse


White Star Offices above, photo showing the balcony where the announcement of the sinking of the Titanic was made.


24 thoughts on “Let out to play again… :-)

  1. Liverpool, like Glasgow has some beautiful buildings. Also like Glasgow, much of the money to build these fine buildings came from the tobacco and sugar trade with America and the West Indies. Unfortunately some of this trade was based on slavery, to both cities shame.

    • Huge shame, we visited the slave museum today also sad and hugely educational as to what still happens today that is still left unchecked. From Cotton to Cocoa countries need to do more

    • Well spotted Graham opposite the Mersey Tunnel building is the Port of Liverpool building, you are allowed in once a year on Heritage day. But remember we snook in one day after surveying a job a couple of blocks down. It has to be one of the grandest buildings I,ve seen.

  2. I have worked and visited Liverpool many years ago, seen it change and come thru its periods of stife…even in the bad days it was a City to admire. I am just pleased that Liverpool as developed so well, great architecture blending with the old and culture and arts very much at home there. Who would have guessed Liverpoll woud become a ‘tourist’ destination

    • couldn’t agree more David, we walked down the main dock road between the old and new buildings I remember saying to my partner just as we got back to the old White Star building looking back at the sky line ” who would of thought you could walk down here at this time of day” it looked amazing. We visited the museum and looked back on the Toxteth riots I think that was the catalyst Hesaltine got something right

    • Hiya,it,s a great place to visit.. we are lucky the council put so much on for the city every weekend is like a holiday this weekend we have the Sea Odyssey which looks like it going to be amazing 🙂

  3. having been born in liverpool i have seen it change from a run down tierd city of the 80’s to the modern exciting city of now. Currently i live in the Wirral which is just accross the river so i get to see that amazing skyline all the time.

    • Alright mate 🙂 … it,s great to see it growing to the place it deserves to be.. I,m one of those plastic scouser types being born on the Wirral n still here but never away from liverpool for various past times. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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