31 thoughts on “Sea Odyssey…heart as big as Liverpool.

  1. Have seen the coverage for this over the last few days, an incredible event it looks like and great for Liverpool too.

    Anything that gets art out to the masses is a huge plus from me, great photos showing it all off, it looks like you had a great day seeing it all.

    • Hiya, Steven, you are so right, anything that can get so many people out on the streets to see such a thing and see their reactions. Every one clapping and cheering showing how much they appreciated the performers huge efforts to put on a show was fantastic to see. Back tomorrow to see the finale I hope 🙂

    • I haven’t had a chance to go through the blogs I follow yet, just looked at yours now…brilliant… what a spectacle it was you just couldn’t put a price on what it has done for the area and how it brought everyone out on the streets,,, absolutely awesome…

  2. Looks amazing – I love these big community events 🙂

    I had no idea it was happening, but West Yorkshire is in another universe! I guess we will pick up on Liverpool and Merseyside events after our move to North Wales.

      • the dog was cute 🙂 it stopped further up the road from us and got himself fed a bit of a dance to the mad Eurovision music and then came past, my photo’s did not do it justice a huge cloud burst above us and spoiled the moment 🙂

    • hope your passport is in date then if your coming across the border… you’ll have so much choice of things to do when you move 🙂

    • It was amazing, my daughter didn’t know about what we had planned her face was a picture when she caught site of her coming up the road.

    • On the Saturday they ” slept ” near to the Arena in Liverpool…waking on Sunday morning for the finale..the streets were lined with thousands upon thousands to give them a nice send of on their ship 🙂

  3. Brilliant photos, bet you had a great time. My stepdaughter was going out to see it yesterday too (she’s living over in Liverpool at the moment) and my neighbour went over yesterday afternoon – she’s a professional photographer but don’t know what she’s planning to do with the photos.

    • Hiya, really hope they had a great time, if you find the neighbours photo’s point me in the right direction we would love to see them 🙂

    • Hiya David, it has been marked on my calender for months..my poor missus must of been fed up of me talking about it..we had a great time.. and yes we are very lucky that the council invests in these things..courage yes.. business enterprise most certainly..

  4. I read about this event on the BBC news website. It looks like it was a great deal of fun (even if the girl looks slightly demonic to me!). A very interesting way to mark the sad anniversary. And it looks like the Liverpudlians gave it a good turnout, despite the rain!

    • Thanks for your comment, the city seems to get behind these occasions in vast numbers..it’s great to see… the schools children were invited to write their versions of the letter the Uncle was delivering to the Giant Girl.. these were handed out to the crowd different stories from different passengers… so now all the schools know all about the disaster… great idea

      • Wow, that’s a truly fantastic idea. What a great way to get the kids involved and learning about what happened. And also a nice touch of giving the crowd an opportunity to get a bit more involved as well.

        I hope this isn’t an inappropriate comment in light of the anniversary but it reminds me of a T-Shirt I saw while in Northern Ireland (the Northern Irish are very proud of having made the Titanic in case you didn’t know), the shirt had a picture of the Titanic with the words ‘The Titanic. Made by an Irishman. Sunk by an Englishman’ which I thought was an amusing bit of inter-country banter.

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