Wonder what we will find ? ….


23 thoughts on “Wonder what we will find ? ….

  1. Set that as a challenge! Who can photograph the most interesting gate; or how valuable would your find be behind this gate!

  2. Wow. As a farm girl..I have a special love for gates. Now. Not when I was a girl. Bumping around in my Dad’s pickup..we would get to a gate..and I knew what was coming: “sis…can ya get that gate?”. “Sure Daddy”. He would drive through..I would shut it..hop back in..and sit. Until the next gate. I hated it then. Now…it’s linked to my Dad..and memories are all I have of him*:) I love this photo*:)

    • What a great story glad you liked the photo, it,s funny what bring your memories back I,m the same simple little things that happen through the week always take me back 🙂

  3. Maen Amor, for some reason even though I follow your blog I don’t get new alerts to your posts. It is probably something I did. So here I am today catching up! All of these photos are interesting. The girl looks especially difficult with the angles needed to get a good shot. You did though! Like the way you slanted the sunset. As far as the gate photo goes, it is my favorite. There is just something about gates and roads. I hope I didn’t take up too much of your time! Appreciate your blog!!!

    • Hiya Terri, glad you have found it again 🙂 I think it is my fault I only went and changed my blog name, some blogs didnt automaticaly change over so glad you,ve caught up now 🙂

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