Sea Odyssey finale


7 thoughts on “Sea Odyssey finale

  1. Hiya Steven, thanks for looking.. I have been waiting for this for months and it didn’t disappoint. I was like a kid at Christmas this morning, up early and to the station before the kids were out of bed… for some reason they didn’t share my enthusiasm .. 🙂

    • Dont blame you, I would be the same way. It does prove though I hope, that it is an event for the kids to remember about seeing the giants in Liverpool, and the adults just to take in the joy of seeing it and wonder in the magic of it all.

  2. My god he’s massive! That’s pretty impressive. It must have been a huge undertaking of coordination and communication between the puppeteer team.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is really quite amazing! I do recall my parents taking me when I was quite young to the giant Redwood Trees in California. They were knocked out by their incredible size, but I was bored–bored, because to me EVERYTHING was bigger than I was, including doors, and buildings, and most adults. Seeing something much bigger than me was nothing new.

    But this is truly mind-blowing and I am so glad you went there and brought it to me here in the Colonies (smile)

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