Paddy’s wigwam .. Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

In Liverpool we are blessed with two fantastic Cathedrals this is the Metropolitan Cathedral affectionately known as Paddy’s WigWam so called because from the outside it looks like a huge wigwam :-).  I forgot to change my settings, so the photo,s look a tad bright but in the main this is what it looks like. Very bright and alive, oh and I didn’t do the exterior because it was teeming down with rain and as much as I love my blog me getting drown didn’t appeal 🙂




21 thoughts on “Paddy’s wigwam .. Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

    • I,m with you .. cant beat a good Gothic look 🙂 but has to be said the lights flooding in from all angles and all colours more than made up for the new age feel 🙂

  1. Good use of light, as always!

    I’ve got a family connection with the other cathedral – my great-grandfather (Liverpool Irish) was the foreman at Woolton quarry, where the stone for the Anglican Cathedral came from. There’s also a disused quarry behind our new house in Wales, where limestone was quarried for the same building.

    I was brought up a ‘left-footer’, but I’ve not been to either cathedral.

    • Now you have moved over to this side you can have a look around at what your great Grandfather help build, great bit of info Paul. Both Cathedrals as you would expect are awesome.. i,m going back next week to get the exterior. I think the car park underneath the building can boast the warmest car park in the UK it was tropical 🙂

  2. It seems to have grown into itself at last and lost its cold and empty look that gave it more the feel of a waiting room. Lovely photos – you’ve given it a v Coventry Cathedral look with these shots. Thanks for them – much enjoyed

  3. Beautiful photographs. Each time we go to Liverpool on a special trip…(takes ages by train from North Wales) mean to visit the Cathedral to see the lovely ‘light’. What camera have you got?

    • You should pop into both cathedrals both fantastic places 🙂 I usually use a Nikon.. great cameras…hope you get across again soon Thanks for popping by 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 the closest I got to Liverpool Uni was going to see the bands .. used to have some great music on 🙂

  4. I have a connection with the cathedral. My father in law Robert Brumby created the sculpture of the Madonna and Child. My husband, who was a mere slip of a lad at the time, was the model for Jesus. So you could say I married the son of God 😉 Shamefully I have yet to visit, but I think your photo’s reveal what I am missing.

  5. Amazing cathedral. Your photos are gorgeous. I especially love those stained glass windows. This post delighted my mind very much. It is so interesting to see other churches than those from my country Finland.

    I started my digital photographing taking photos from churches. Slowly I did find incredible things inside and outside churches, like pulpits, chandelier, altars, war memorials; Votive ships inside churches, separated bell towers and finally unique wooden Poor-man statues.

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