A Platform for Art..Metal at Edgehill station

We popped over to what is the oldest train station in Liverpool to the home of Metal and to view the Liverpool Art Prize 2012. Below are a few snap shots I managed to take whilst having a look around. I cast my vote but it’s a secret πŸ™‚ my daughter loved and was mesmerised by our visit. All the art on display was simply fascinating can’t wait to find out who won :-). There is still time to vote ;-). To help you make your minds up the guides from Metal are on hand to talk you through each piece and make it all so interesting which adds to the experience.Β  I suppose what makes this so unique is the fact the art is on display in a working station making it accessible to all.


36 thoughts on “A Platform for Art..Metal at Edgehill station

  1. Hi thanks for liking some of my photos recently. I really like your mix of subjects on your blog. I wasn’t aware of the Liverpool Art Prize exhibition but it looks really interesting and you have captured some different angles on the exhibits.

  2. The tree is great!

    I’m a big Goldsworthy fan, though he’s not to everyones taste – I did a blog post to one of his sheepfolds (http://hillcraftguidedwalking.wordpress.com/2011/03/07/16-%E2%80%93-i-dont-know-much-about-art/) and there’s also some good stuff at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park – one of the things I will miss when we move to Wales, except we won’tmiss it ‘cos we’ll drive over if there’s something on we want to see.

    I should make an effort to get over there for some pics for a blog post!

    • it,s really good, The art is really special and the staff are excellent and explain everything so well.

    • Hiya, the art is ace, the floor picture is made up of plastic knives and forks… people are encouraged to trample them down my daughter did a very good job of it… almost obsessive πŸ™‚

    • Hiya Ann, glad you like the change havent been able to get out walking much lately so enjoying the arts while I can… your blog is still as awesome as ever by the way

    • Hiya Robyn, Thank you so much for your comment and your link is a very sobering one. It is shocking that things we take for granted are doing so much damage. I HAVE POSTED YOUR LINK on various sites to help spread the word. We look forward to your next installation and will keep a keen eye out for it πŸ™‚ . A bit of feed back for you, your photo,s brought close on 400 viewers in 26 countries. So thank you to everyone for popping by πŸ™‚

  3. It’s great to see the way you see the world!
    Since I’m about as likely to tour Europe as the Liverpool working class is liable to traipse through New Mexico on horseback, it’s very cool to get to borrow not only your vision, but your personal interactions with everything you see.

    What a coherent way to use that space. I think that one of the most perfect things human beings can do together is to use the things they have made over and over and over and over again. Add some stuff, eliminate one function, keep the other and create a new third, avoiding the intrusion of private property as often as possible.
    As long as the gates are open and the barbrians are flowing through, we’ll remain connected to both the past and the future – as long as we ALL keep using our same big stuff. Our Marketplaces.

    Rome will give up on that whole Empire thing and go home – or stay. Either one. Hey,
    it worked for the UK.. Now the empire is in London, and every night the sun IS setting, well…you know where.
    Crowds use the biggest stuff we make, and they do it in the public spaces that remind a crowd that yes, as it has long suspected, it is indeed the real star of the show. Of Liverpool’s oldest subway station, the crowd, its parents and grandparents created a context so LITERALLY shared, that some part of that creation will be reflected back to them, expressed in some way by every artist.
    Because what they ended up creating was nothing less than their lives.
    Now, it we can ony get the greedy USA to catch on, we can all begin seeing our planet for what it really is: a place for crowds of us to change trains as we all hurtle through space,

    Hey, thanks for the great pix. And thanks again for following me. If any of my photos suck,, just pretend you never saw them. That’s what I do.

    Hmm..that strategy just could explain some of my techical problems.

  4. Thanks Claire, that is the great thing about these blogs you get to see things you know otherwise you are just never going to get to visit. So people taking the time to share their interests on here is a brilliant.

  5. I remember Edge Hill Station (years ago) as an inconvenience stop on the way back to Lime Street after dropping a girlfriend off home. She never asked me in for ‘coffee’ so it didn’t last very long. Thanks for bringing that memory back (joke) love the photography, thanks!

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