St Deiniol’s Church..



26 thoughts on “St Deiniol’s Church..

    • Thank you:-) I popped in on the Wednesday and the lights of the church were not on.. it was lit only by the stain glass windows. Dark and eerie, when I walked down towards the alter you see the angel on your left life size it really is an awesome sight. We went back on Saturday with our other camera to photo… but the lights were on. :-). Hope you like it inside as much as we did..

  1. Thank you 🙂 we bumped into a historian in this one luckily had a nice chat and gathered great snippets of knowledge. If I get the chance I,ll post them up 🙂

    • Hiya Diana, and artist I think 😦 he did the design for 5 windows.. I think. The chap we bumped into gave a few snippets that i tried to remember. he was about to give a guided tour to a group that was just arriving. he kindly asked us to tag on but didn’t really have enough time:-(

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