On the Buses

Look what we found one early morning…. could not keep it though



14 thoughts on “On the Buses

  1. Nice….the old style buses always looked rather top heavy. I used to live in Manchester near where the bus drivers were tought how to control a skid. Watching them on the skid pan was both exciting and heart stopping and even though it was years ago I can still hear the screach of tyres and the wobbling of the double decker bus as it spun!

    • I remember seeing a couple of programs showing the buses on skid pans … having a front row seat must of been brilliant. Trying to control tonnes of metal in a skid must of been some skill.

  2. Talking of skidding buses, I once watched an old double decker go sliding down the hill on a very snowy Mansfield Road in Nottingham one winter’s morning. It was quite graceful really and the driver must’ve been pretty skillful as it didn’t crash at the end of its long slide. I was still glad I wasn’t on it at the time though!

  3. I bet it was hearts in mouths and closed eyes for the passengers :-). I have been in an uncontrolled skid going down hill, skill didn’t come into it I can assure you… blind panic a lot of swearing saw me through 🙂 thanks for your comment 🙂

  4. WOW! This is so nice bus… I know Brighton, once I visited and also I know Promenade because of my beautiful blogger friend, dear Claire. 🙂 Thank you dear Neil, Love, nia

  5. I know this one is yellow, but I can still see Cliff Richard swinging around the pole on the step singing “Summer Holiday”.
    I suppose that makes me old ! 🙂

    • I can just about remember these buses from when I was young. We have a great little museum down the road that has old buses and Trams… but like everything on your doorstep we always fail to visit them 🙂

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