The Walker Art Gallery have what has to be the spectacle of the year on display at the moment it is a ” must see ” “a one off “, no superlative could ever describe just how good a collection of art this is.  We were blown away by his work, from a man who is an institution in this country to see his talent in Liverpool is nothing short of being an honour. The Walker have done a stunning job with his display, it is simply breathtaking…


24 thoughts on “WALKER ART GALLERY – Rolf Harris

    • True David, he is so talented, we can’t wait to go again to take it all in properly. His work really was breathtaking.

  1. Hiya, you would of loved it 🙂 his work is so varied I have put some photo’s on my FB page if you fancy having a look 🙂

    • It was is an excellent collection, we are going back again this weekend for another look :-). I,m hoping to be out n about in the hills again soon though 🙂

  2. I absolutely adore his works. I may have to pop across the M62 one weekend and have a look. I saw his A Life in Art exhibition in Southwold a few years ago and was blown away. With everything he has done, some tend to forget he is an artist first, entertainer second.

    • Hiya Emma, most people have said this , you have to get across and have a look :-). Walker have done a great job. Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. This is an interesting post. I don’t like all Harris’s work but there is no doubt he has phenomenal skill. It was always fascinating to see him do the really speedy ones on tv years ago. Thanks for visiting my blog today and voting a Like!

  4. I think the art of Rolf Harris is appreciated more in the U.K. than it is in Australia. I have no memory of ever seeing an exhibition of his work being held here. Over the years I have seen him on Australian programs as an entertainer, an interviewee and more recently, the narrator for a documentary series on fairy penguins at Philip Island.

    It is a pity his work as a painter is not well known here.

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