What did you do this weekend….

As it was such a lovely day we had a stroll around the Tate Gallery and Albert Docks, so my dear followers around the world what did you all get up to this glorious day.


45 thoughts on “What did you do this weekend….

  1. Well…… Didn’t get out today (other than walking a workaholic Border Collie) – packing some stuff before the move to N Wales, and finishing Monday’s blog post, which is also about N Wales.

    BUT …. out tomorrow (Sunday) for a wander round the Langdale Pikes – could be a blog post in the making!

    Ages since I’ve been to the Albert Docks – so much to do……. so little time……

    • THE MOVE is getting closer 🙂 Langdales havent been for ages , mind you we haven’t been in the hills for weeks. Have a great time Paul don’t forget your sun cream 🙂

      • Good day in Langdale chosen (correctly) on the strength of the weather forecast – not too windy, but clear skies all day – the ‘Factor 15’ was put to great use! I’ll post it on the blog in a weeks time.

        Your sunset shots are something else – why don’t mine look like that 😦

  2. From across the sea, I planted 7 dozen annuals in the gardens and made sofrito with cilantro for my garden! My husband ripped up carpet and old tile in order to tile our entire family room floor! With a four day extended weekend we always do a home improvement project!

    • Your garden is going to look ace I bet, we have a list as long as my arm of things we need to do and have just made me feel guilty :-). Hope it goes well… have a nice extended weekend 🙂

  3. Yesterday I was blogging about Tate Liverpool – one of my favourite galleries. Today an artist’s statement in the making and a walk on the beach when it warms up a bit. Ah, the good life! Really enjoy seeing your photographs of Albert Dock and surrounds. Those windows onto the Mersey at the Tate – wow! thanks for posting them.

  4. I packed the family into the car to visit a local nature center we’d not been to before. We got about ten meters from the parking lot and turned back because of the wall of mosquitoes. So we’ve still not really been there. I also like that 2nd photo with the light and shadows and reflections.

    • I get eaten alive by mozzis it doesnt matter where we go .. one will always find me a swarm will eat me 🙂

  5. Stunning photos as always. Me? I spent the day in the garden playing with the kids in the garden, paddling pool and waterslide to cool down, finished off with a BBQ and cocktails. Lovely

    • Sounds fantastic… my two are all grown up now so miss all the paddling pool fun.. Cant beat a good weekend with the familly 🙂

  6. Glad to see the glorious weather has held down south! Today I celebrated the sunny weather by taking a little walk, visiting my very first Scottish whisky distillery, and visiting Dirleton Castle, outside of Edinburgh, all of which amounted to a very good day!

    • that sounds awesome, Just googled the castle I hope you have taken some photo’s to share 🙂 . I have never been to a distillery so I am quite jealous 🙂

      • Yes, I did take lots of pictures, and hope to write them up and share them tomorrow! Not sure I can work the distillery into the mediaeval theme, though 🙂

    • Off piste is a lot more fun than planned routes 😉 it is amazing what you can stumble upon. Did you find your quarry 🙂

      • Yes, I did, thanks, although there was not much there to see – it is all very much overgrown. There is an (almost) abandoned settlement close by (the ‘forgotten village’ of Rhiwddolion) which is a nice place to wander around.

  7. Bagels with bramble jelly and philly cheese for breakfast on Satuday followed by a “gentle stroll” to Wendlebury, then some rescue d.i.y. on a fridge unit on Sunday followed by a lovely relaxing barbecue. Nice weekend. 🙂

  8. I have been to London many times as my friend used to live in Windsor until she moved to Edinburgh last year. I used to cycle around this area of London.

    Went to the Tate Gallery but didn’t like it too much. The British Museum is my favourite. The Egyptian rooms are fascinating.

    • 🙂 .. i should be shouldn’t I. Problem with Liverpool is that their is too much going on at the moment to venture anywhere else.. look I,m at it again 🙂

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