Going … going… gone….




40 thoughts on “Going … going… gone….

  1. Very nice,…There is supposed to be a flash of green just as the sun vanishes below the horizon. Only experienced it once in Scotland. Moisture in the air acts like a prism and as green is the colour that is unusual to see (on a horizon) it is the one you spot. Gold, Red Yellow and Blue your eye accepts. So next time see if you can capture the green flash! I never have….Cheers

    • Hiya David, I,ll make it my ambition to catch now 🙂 well that and the northern lights….here is hoping 🙂

    • I have watched countless sunsets and waited for the green flash. See lots of other people waiting and watching too. I have always thought it was an optical reaction to the saturation of the (contrasting) colours of the sunset. Perhaps you need to believe to see it!?

    • Thank you, following your hill adventures has been excellent, I,m going to have to make the effort and get out again soon 🙂

    • Hiya Irina, it did look great, didn’t take long for the sun to fall out of the sky. 🙂 your blogs looking awesome 🙂

      • thank you Neil. I am still fascinated by this sunset 🙂 I don’t have an open sea right here where we live, it is a fjord, so for an open sea it takes some driving , maybe some weekend day with beautiful weather and not 12 degrees like now. Though the sun goes down these days very late. But then, I get to admire yours until then 😉

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