There she blows…..New Brighton Kite Festival


28 thoughts on “There she blows…..New Brighton Kite Festival

  1. Great images, love the last two though, especially the one with all the kites in the air, all in near enough the same angle too.

    The grey moody sky works really well too, against the bright colours of the kites.

  2. Great photos on an overcast day. The colours are in contrast to the grey skies we seem to be having all the time now! I was going to go along but thought it would be too wet and windy for the event to go ahead. I’ll pop along tomorrow for the second day.

  3. Great shots A&A 🙂

    If you remember my blog where Chris and I had visited the Tate Modern after my Nantlle Ridge walk, we had then continued in the camper and overnighted at Formby.
    The next day we had walked out to see the prehistoric footprints on the beach, and afterwards decided to go home via Southport. The same Kite Festival was taking place there, on the beach – absolutely brilliant, we could barely tear ourselves away 🙂

  4. Thank you everyone for your very kind comments… it was a great day if not very cold.. the things you do for your art 🙂 have a great week everyone

  5. I remember when I was young and had a kite. I made it myself using two sticks and some of my wise old grandmother’s rags. Times have certainly changed. I wonder if any of those kites have little computer chips in them for remote control.

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