Hoylake Lifeboat…

We had a wander around the lifeboat station today and were kindly given permission to take a few photo’s. The lifeboat is 23 years old and has never had a new paint job. It has been carefully looked after by the dedicated crew members. We had a great chat to the staff on duty, a lovely lady and gentleman who took time to tell us all about the station. They spoke with great pride, and rightly so.


5 thoughts on “Hoylake Lifeboat…

  1. When we was at South Queensferry a few weeks ago, we passed the lifeboat station. There was also a small shop which sold quite a lot of things to help raise funds for them. We bought some baseball caps and some teeshirts to show our support.

  2. This reminds me of our visits to the fire station in our neighborhood – the folks there were always happy to see us, showed my daughters around, answered all of our dumb questions, and let the girls climb into the fire truck. Sadly, it recently closed due to city budget cuts.

  3. Always worth a visit and well worth supporting…..BUT you have also provided an chance for me to air one of my pet grumbles. The Lifeboat Service and the Air Ambulance Service both rely upon volunteer support to fund these vital operations. Why? Both services are vital, continual save lives and provide specialist help on a widening scale than either service ever envisaged. Without either we would be lost. They deserve and need public monies. It is a scandle that volunteers who risk their own lives on the seas to help others also have to be fund raisers to keep the service viable. The Air Ambulance should be a part of our traditional Ambulance Service and funded as such..after all it is surely just a modern extention to the existing 4 wheel service. Brave and skilled, they both need solid support and should not be reliant upon goodwill. BUT untill such changes occur KEEP GIVING.

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