I’ve moved AGAIN…….

Well I have unleashed a new name on the wordpress world……..I’ve changed the blog address to therightprofile hope you all like it 🙂 bit easier to say methinks.


15 thoughts on “I’ve moved AGAIN…….

  1. Wondered what had happenend there – I go away for 2 weeks and I come back and someone I’ve never heard of is sending me stuff! What are you going to change in the summer holidays? 🙂

  2. I’ve been really busy lately and only just caught up with my own blog . . . been typing up drafts for posting. Thought I’d catch up on the blogs I follow and wondered who I was following when I started getting the emails about your posts.

    I’ve updated your blog on my site and will now spend some time catching up on what you’ve been up to. Not now though as it’s way past my bedtime. I’m looking forward to seeing some lovely photos 🙂

  3. I hadn’t realised that you had moved your website. Only yesterday I wanted to include you on my blog (nominate you for a blogging award), but found that your old address no longer worked.

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