RNLI Hoylake


19 thoughts on “RNLI Hoylake

  1. With all the flat sands and mud flats on that part of the coast, I hope they also have a RNLI Hovercraft for the inshore work.
    But it also shows just how hard these unpaid crews have to work ….and that is before they have to venture onto the seas. Just hope folk do dig deep into their pockets to help support the teams.

  2. At the RNLI station in South Queensferry they have a small shop which sell a variety of goods and I always buy something and give a donation when I am up there. They are always out in the water as the Forth Road Bridge is near there and people do jump off the bridge. Also people keep getting stranded on the Island of Crammond and have to be rescued 😦

  3. Very nice! I like the bottom photo particularly – it puts the essentially frail human presence into an effective perspective. Thanks for more great pics!.

  4. Great subject – you either do your research and get yourself in the right place at the right time, or you do as we should all do, and keep your camera with you all the time. Or, you are just amazingly lucky with your timing 🙂

    Whatever, keep doing it, ‘cos it works 🙂

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