How cool is this….great post and slightly jealous 😉


On what started off as a very Welsh summer’s day last week, with the mist hanging low over Sir John’s Hill in Laugharne, Patti Smith made a pilgrimage to Dylan Thomas‘s old Boathouse home there, to perform an afternoon gig for an audience of twenty people.

It was not her first visit and not the first time I had seen her perform in Laugharne. In 2008 she headlined the second Laugharne Weekend playing in the Millennium Village Hall. She also played a small gig in the Boathouse then, with Patrick Wolf, but I could not get tickets for that.

This time, squeezed in during her current tour of the UK, she was also doing a benefit gig in the Congregational Chapel in the evening, a real tribute to her support for Laugharne, a small town of less than 3000 inhabitants, and a reflection of her admiration for Dylan Thomas, one of her ‘hundred idols’?

Magically, the…

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  1. I know that envious feeling too…
    thanks for pointing us in the direction
    Take Care…

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