We found a different world yesterday.

We had a little stroll around Liverpool yesterday went to a place called the FACT centre ( which I know very wellย  from a past working life ) we got to wear Brazilian Head dress pieces whilst we where there which I have to say was a first. From there you pop into a taxi that was blacked out and had a bizarre street parade being played on the windows of the cab. You are asked to answer questions while samba music plays out …awesome. From here you are led into a tent, crawl through the tent and into a garden area display inside one of the studios. It,s very dark and only lit by the twinkling of stars projected onto a screen above. Pop 3D glasses o you lay back and watch the solar system pass by. As you listen question,s appear from the sky and form a 3D effect, these question’s are then discussed by the group through our headsets. After this you go to another studio and in the phone booths you again have to answer the questions by using the telephone number buttons. They were very dark questions and really made you think… great experience one of the best installations I’ve been to in fairness.

So how can you make your day even more crazy… well that one is easy to answer your go to the Psychometric Picnic for some ace music ๐Ÿ™‚


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