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Carr party of five

You know what’s fun? Doing what others say you can’t do. I think that’s a quote, and if not, it should be.

Being an Early Childhood Ed Major, I heard over and over again….positive! you must be encouraging and positive with little people! I even had a professor who insisted for every criticism or correction you gave a child, you were to cushion the blow with 3 positive interactions. I pictured it like this:

Jimmy! Stop eating that glue! (correction)

Would you be interested in tape? Tape is super fun, too! (redirection)

I adore your shirt, is that Gap? (positive#1)

I love the way you are not eating your glue stick! Keep it up! (positive #2)

Is that Metallica you’re humming? I love that song! (positive #3)

For children, I think it’s an awesome concept. Everyone knows, if you are only going to get chewed on by an adult everytime you…

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