7 thoughts on “Broken 3 Ways….

  1. Great shots! Music photography rocks! 🙂 (bad pun, but it does!)
    I was totally in love with the 90s alt-rock scene and went to shows sometimes twice a week. Catching the energy on film isn’t easy, but you did it beautifully here!

  2. If you like shooting performers in action, may I humbly recommend you look out for my nephew’s punk band from Norway, Honningbarna (yes, you can preview them on the web). They tour in the UK quite a bit, among other places, so you might find them, as it’s said, ‘coming soon to a theatre near you’! 😀 They’re pretty amazing, and I don’t say that just because I’m a fond old auntie (which I admittedly am) but knowing that they’ve gotten major awards and recognitions right from their beginnings and are now under EMI contract for recording. They’re hardcore anarchist-punks onstage but really sweet young guys in person. 🙂

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