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5 thoughts on “Stanley Dock Heritage Tour

  1. It may be all quiet……but I for one can remember when these mills across Lancashire were the exact opposite . The noise of rhythmic machinery could be heard outside, then step inside and be deafened and no ‘ear protectors’ in those days. Yet the workers communicated with each other and as much as one can enjoy work they did seem to. A few years ago I helped convert an old mill to offices for a Charity. We completely changed the look , all very smart, but when everyone went home and you stood in the middle of the main office you still had the empty mill atmosphere…hard to describe but very different from a normal office environment. Then the smell….the smell of all the fine machine oil used to lubricate the looms and spinning machines is still in the fabric of the building and no doubt always will.

      • It would have made my life easier. My first ‘real’ job was working for an industrial conglomerate that installed mill equipment, for textiles to Flour Milling. It was 5×4 cameras and very slow film. B&W at 50asa (ISO) and colour at 16asa for a ‘fast one’. The floors as you know vibrate to accommodate the vibration of the machinery…and believe it or not the tripod vibrated (which at first was un-nerving) but actually vibrate in sync!…..Then there were the coal mines but that is another story.

      • flour mills… 🙂 I remember one of my friends was buried in flour when someone pressed a wrong button and emptied a silo 🙂 Paper Mills would of made for some great Images 🙂

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