This weekend was ” the ” weekend to tackle the large looming hulk of rock standing alone known as Arenig Fach, which is guarded by the much maligned boggy heather fields and renowned in the hill walking community as a tad difficult. Saturday’s weather was changeable but we stayed dry, yet we gained valuable experience from the emergency get your water-prooofs out and get ready for the looming storms ahead drill. The walk was never taxing in the navigation department as once you leave the dizzy heights of Carnedd Y Filiast there are no paths to follow. Β It is a simple case of beating a track through the heather fields and to the top of Arenig Fach. Once on top and you regain your composure it is a simple walk down following the fence line to the side of the cliffs guarding Llyn Arenig Fach again beating a path through the heather fields and back to the main road for a slog back to your car.

Arenig 7 Arenig 8 Arenig viewArenig 3

ar vw 9

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