This weekend kicked off with a visit to East Village Arts Club which was our very first visit to this venue for a gig. The plan was to have a pleasant meal here and stroll into the stage area and see Space, but alas the bar area were only trading in camels or goats as they were not in possession of any change in the tills. So we went for plan B and ate in the Shipping Forecast which it has to be said is a bit of a fav.  But once we were in the venue it turned out to be ace, It had a really good atmosphere and plenty of bars ( with money ) and was never to crowded not to be served and I had my Breaking Bad T-Shirt recognised which was a plus for my vanity.

As we were a little late with our detour we only got to see the second support band who were absolutely awesome and will be big soon. The Thespians are a band to be reckoned with, I only wish I was allowed to take my good cameras in to capture the bands but as standard I wasn’t allowed to share the moment properly. Space were outstanding, a band I have followed since day one they rolled back the years…Tommy and the lads were ace. A great night had by all in a simply perfect venue.

tommy space P1040685_edited-1P1040686_edited-1space3_edited-1


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