The Uninvited exhibition is a collection of “urbex” photographs and a video montage cataloguing some of the Uninvited’s urban explorations.  David Broad and  Julie Kendall have been travelling England and Wales seeking out the abandoned and decaying heritage of this great nation.

The photography records a forgotten past, in some cases the images resemble a post apocalyptic scene of decay. The images show  the old inhabitants personal belongings  left in place telling a story of the owners life and leaving you to fill in the gaps as to their and the properties demise. The photography is dark and thought provoking, it asks the audeince to use their imagination as to how the buildings were run and how in some cases the establishment was left to rule itself. Was it a coincidence that some of these buildings were tucked away from sight. The urban explorers are painstakingly finding and recording a forgotten world full of our history and architecture before it is lost forever. The exhibition is hoping to tour and more information can be found at http://www.theuninvited.co.uk  The exhibition is at The Turnpike Gallery Leigh from 15 November -14 December please visit their website here  for opening times.



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