Burjesta Project

This week we started a project that we at this little blog  are naming ” The Burjesta Project “.  Burjesta are a theatre group who are currently gearing up for their 8th production, ‘History of the Vampires’…. in Burjesta’s words “It’s an original piece of work from Burjesta in the horror vein with a slice of black humour thrown in for good measure”. The workshops and auditions for Burjesta take place in the theatre area found at the rear of  “The Casa Bar” which was born from the aftermath of the Dockers Dispute back in the 1990’s. Some of the best photographs I have seen adorn the walls of the Casa, so it is always a pleasure to visit.

The evening started with a warm up session for the actors who attended the first workshop of the year, it was a good turn out with a great set of people who were intent on having some fun. After the warm up came a bit of role play and then onto improvisation. This was on the night our favourite of the evening, we tried to be as inconspicuous as we could and tried to drift in and out of the proceedings. This was one of the main issues with the photographs I would say. Not being a photographer of people and more of a landscape type of guy, I found it quite tricky to adjust to the light and movement. We only had an hour to adjust and slowly the shots were getting slightly better but noise reduction was quite an issue. But fingers crossed I have come away armed with a bit of  knowledge, and hopefully will be able to put it into practice on my next visit.


Back to the last section of the first half of the workshop,we had great fun with this. The improvisation section was simply hilarious. Some of the scenarios that were based around the visit of a vampire to your house were very imaginative and very entertaining. Off the cuff humour is hard to come by sometimes but they had no problem in the Casa this evening, we were sorry to have to leave early. All in all a great evening amongst a great set of people who we hardly know but made us welcome and made us laugh. What’s not to like about Burjesta Theatre Group.


BB16 BB15 BB14 BBlog1 B2 BB4 BB9


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