The first part of this Project in which we follow the  rehearsals and build up of the next play to be undertaken by Burjesta “A History of Vampires” got off to a great start. The cast auditioned a fortnight ago and with the actors chosen, the History of Vampires was underway . KG10They gathered in the Casa Liverpool to be handed their roles. The cast in the first part of the meeting, were briefed as to what commitment is going to be required to make the play work. The Burjesta team have a clear vision of what they want and hope for with this project.  After a brief chat scripts were handed out and the actors finally got to see their roles. They seemed to take all this in their stride and straight away the first scene had its very first reading. There were a few brief stops for re-direction, and thoughts from the director on how it should be interpreted. The theme seemed to start to flow and you could sense the story coming together for the first scene.

The next section of rehearsal held on Thursday evening, was based around the vampire and the art of killing. The group involved in these passages of the play had to undergo various  role play scenarios to enable them to become accustomed to close proximity to each other.  This section of the rehearsal didn’t involve script and was acted out in an impromptu fashion. You have to really credit the team for their efforts. Yes, they may be actors! but it can’t be easy to build a scenario within seconds. I passed up the very kind offer to be slain by the vampires, as tempting as it was I am not as nimble as I used to be and doubt if I would have got up of the floor! Below are the images from the Vampire Training I have tried to mainly capture the expressions and capture the mood of the rehearsal! I have included a couple of different tones to see how the photographs look.

KG8 KG7 KG6 KG5 KG4 KG4_edited-1 KG3 KG2 KG2_edited-1 Kg1



3 thoughts on “Burjesta Project: The rehearsals

  1. good evening ♥ your post, to me, illustrates the beauty of blogging perfectly: something I didn’t expect but totally loved! amazing portrait captures that somehow give us an insight into your life without invading what’s essential your personal space. love these!

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