This weekend the team were going through their paces working around a scene that involved some very intense passages of the play. The team are well ahead since I was last able to visit and I have to say the scene was flowing. The scenes were gripping and I hung on to every word. The day was punctuated with a lot of humour which made the day all the more enjoyable for me just looking in.  My task for the hour or so that I was at the theatre, was to try and capture a few portrait shots for the arts team to put the promotional material together. Their is a lot of material to work with and hopefully although they aren’t really edited they can give the team a feel of how the directors idea may come together and maybe a few of these can be used,  their are still a couple of  images to take of the rest of the team but it’s starting to come together I think.


P10 P9 P8 P7a P6 P5 P3 P2


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