11 thoughts on “Is it Art …. or is it Graffiti?

    • You have hit the nail on the head Dave, I was brought up on mad artwork when I was younger I loved all the old punk doodles you used to find around Liverpool. Eve Libertine used to have some great art work that was copied and popped up everywhere If I remember correctly. So I liked that side of things…. But would others of agreed at the time, I don’t think so to be honest 🙂

      • I love art…and always had a artish background…yet could never get my head round the intellectual analysis and the search for hidden meanings in paintings (old or new). Two things nearly put me off art. One is recounted in todays blog ‘White’ the other is the contrived ‘high brow’ approach by so called experts. At the end of the day we each make our minds up as to what we like and that we would rather it passed us bye! Cheers

  1. I couldn’t agree more, I know what I like and I am quite happy with that. My missus could easily write a book on my views 🙂 I moan that much about the high brow experts 🙂 I have learnt to follow and visit the things I like these days… it makes me a much happier person…. I might write that book myself one day 😉

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