Changing Faces

The Liverpool waterfront has changed over the years and for me it is an improvement to what was one of the best views in the world anyway.



30 thoughts on “Changing Faces

  1. You are right….the waterfront always was spectacular in its distinctive way and out shone most of the rest of the City. The new waterfront is even better retaining and mixing old with the new. The developement have spread elsewhere in the City which can only get better.

    • Hiya David, you are spot on.. it,s a bit fragmented at the moment a couple of things have started to try and link the city into one big uniform place… Liverpool One has worked wonders with the Albert Dock… lets see what happens with the rest of the Dock land… A new football stadium for a certain team wearing red would work wonders if anyone is reading 🙂

      • I know poor Kenny, .. I,m far to busy with this blog to be in the running I,m afraid :-).. where in welsh wales this weekend sir 🙂

      • Or a skier in Saudi Arabia, though I’ve seen videos of snowboarders ‘ripping up’ sand dunes 😀

        Still, it’s good to be a bit further down the road to moving to Wales 🙂

        My Liverpool born dad would have loved your waterfront pics – very different to the city he knew, though.

  2. Great pictures. I spent 6 months with a community group in Wallasey/Birkenhead in the mid-70’s and have fond memories of the Liverpool waterfront. Looks as though I should get up there and have a look at it again.

    • Hiya, you should come back for a visit sometimes.. you would love the changes. Good Ole Wallasey.. my place of birth 🙂

    • Thank you, i had to rescue this one a bit I liked it so much . Usually they are as theyve come out of the camera… a little cheating isn’t so bad is it ! 🙂

    • We,ll have to get over to Glasgow and have a visit, I,ve only ever driven through… and gone to a football match 🙂

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